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VIP Experience

Are you ready to step out of the background and take center stage in your own life?

Are you ready to stop making everyone else a priority?

Life is short there will always be something else that will need your attention.

The truth is you are here for a reason.  People have been waiting for your message.

Your story matters.  You matter.


I know what that is like. For years I pretended everything was fine. I looked good on the outside, married to a nice guy,
two great kids, worked part time. I should have been happy, but I was miserable. I was living a lie. I was terrified if you
knew the real me you would run for the hills. I had a secret. I was sexually abused as a kid and felt like I was damaged
goods. I was depressed… I wanted to kill myself. I felt alone, humiliated and ashamed. I had been in talk therapy for
twelve years and I was merely surviving. I made a decision, a choice to live a richer, more expansive life.  I took charge
of my healing, I read a thousand personal development books, journaled, became a self-help junkie.

In my learned I learned:

  Your joy and power comes from standing authentically in your truth.
  You can’t hide who you really are to please other people.
You have a choice to set yourself free....to laugh, dream bigger, love deeper. 

It is my deepest pleasure and passion to help you find your authentic voice.
To create a safe space for you to be transparent.

Let me be your partner in believing.
Let me help you create a vision of a life you would love living.
Be more confident, self-assured, loved and respected for who you truly are. 
Imagine having a life of passion, purpose and meaning. 
Step into a place that feels safe where someone gets you. 
Have more freedom being authentically, creatively and brilliantly you. 

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It's time to discover
I know you are loaded with amazing talents and resources. It is my pleasure and
passion to help you discover or rediscover those gifts. 28 days to open your creativity.
This at home study program can be done in fifteen minutes a day and includes a
free half hour coaching session with me ( a $250 value).
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Based on my award winning book The Creative Activist: Make the World better, One Person,
One Action at a Time
Develop the confidence you need to use your gifts and talents in service.
Become a fearless thought leader and a creative problems solver.  Have more impact and influence.
Leave a lasting legacy for future generations.

If you said 'YES' to any of these questions, then join us for
our enlightening
5 Week Program!

Find Your Voice with my VIP Experience:
(Vision, Imagine, Play)

Dive deep into the heart of transformation with one on one mentoring.  Get crystal clear on your unique gifts,
talents and contribution. You are a gift and your stories of resilience and courage are just what the world has
been waiting for.
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