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VIP Experience

Scribble and doodle your way past perfectionism,
fear and self-sabotage.

Discover how drawing “outside the lines” will inspire you to think
in bold new directions. Create
mindmaps to defuse feeling
overwhelmed, and generate clarity.  Initiate a success map to
your confidence. Color mandalas to reduce stress.
Design vision boards to keep focused and ignite enthusiasm.

The Creative Edge is based on these principles:

 •  Create a safe space                                             •  Encourage everyone to play, explore and experiment

 •  Honor the process                                                 •  There are no mistakes only opportunities for learning

 •  Cultivate curiosity, wonder and joy of a child      •  Be willing to ask courageous questions

 •  No judgment or comparison                                 •  Focus on strengths and success rather than perceived limitations

 •  You are unstoppable!




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