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Speaker One Sheet PDF



Imagine having the confidence and courage to inspire the changes you’d like
to see in the world. This program will help you and your organization’s leaders:

Identify and maximize your unique gifts, talents, and impact.

Eliminate self-defeating behaviors and uncover ways you stifle your power.

Create a big, bold vision to keep you focused and motivated.

Learn how to connect and collaborate to move your vision forward.

Discover how to inspire others to become strong leaders.



Imagine hearing stories of courage and resilience that inspire people to live better lives.
This program will help you:

·         Imagine a world of peace, love, tolerance and understanding.

·         Own your personal stories of failure and triumph.

·         Share your unique vision and voice.

·         Discover what is possible through creativity and collaboration.

·         Empower change within your family, community or organization.



Imagine more success, fun, and freedom in your business and personal life by
engaging your own creative gifts. This program will help you:

Go from good to great with a fail forward culture.

Bring fun, engagement and enthusiasm to the work place.

Give employees the tools and techniques to come up with new and innovative ideas.

Learn to work collaboratively from a set of shared values.

Be more authentic and self expressed at work and at home.




Imagine harnessing your dreams and transforming them into a meaningful legacy.
This program will help you:

·         Free your imagination to think BIG.

·         Discover your unique gifts and strengths.

·         Create a vision statement that supports your goals.

·         Transform your dream into a clear action plan for success.


Imagine feeling renewed and refreshed...avo
id burnout with this fun,
interactive and delicious experience. This program will help you:

Tap into your passion and creativity.

Tune into your imagination and intuition.

Connect with others at a heart level.

Experience more joy and vitality.

Savor the Sweet Life!



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